Which Eviction Notice Should You Serve Your Tenant?

January 19, 2017 Eviction Notice - Eviction Services San DiegoIn most cases, the way you serve the eviction notice as well the type of notice you serve can make or break your eviction case. If a landlord doesn’t serve the right type of notice to the tenant they wish to evict, the notice may be contested and the case automatically lost. What’s more, one of the typical mistakes landlords make is serving the notice incorrectly, which also severely jeopardizes the outcome of the case. This article aims to give a brief overview of basic types of notices, as well as scenarios in which they should or shouldn’t be served. Read more

Rights and Responsibilities of a San Diego Landlord

January 19, 2017 Rental Agreement - Eviction Help San DiegoAs a landlord in California, you may feel that the law is more protective of tenants than landlords. Indeed, many would agree that the Golden State is very tenant-friendly. When talking about the law, the word that usually collocates with tenant is ”right”, whereas ”responsibility” is more closely linked to landlords. It’s not uncommon that tenants exploit this situation quite forcibly, so it’s essential that landlords get well-informed about both their rights and responsibilities. In most cases, the best move is to seek professional help with eviction in San Diego to speed up the eviction process and avoid making rash decisions and typical mistakes. That said, here is the outline of the basic rights and responsibilities of a landlord in San Diego. Read more

​Evictions San Diego: Typical Mistakes Landlords Make

December 15, 2016 Right & Wrong - Evictions San DiegoIt’s not uncommon to have issues with your tenants and wish they move out of your property as soon as possible. However, regardless of the reason for your decision to evict your tenant and how quickly you want them to leave, you mustn’t make rash decision and act on impulse. Instead, take a look at some typical mistakes most landlords make – these mistakes can cost you both time and money, and you’d do well to remember them.

Mistake #1 Serve the wrong notice

If you can’t solve the issue by talking to the tenant, or you have already tried that and failed, legal eviction is likely the only way to go. Still, very few landlords are familiar with the type of eviction notices, so they often serve the wrong one. This fact can later be used against them to dispute their case. Read more